Indigo Moments Photographer Owner Headshot

I have always loved to draw, paint, and take pictures. When I was growing up, I loved doing make-up and hair.

Then I faced a dilemma. Should I join my family in their decades-old restaurant business or follow my creative dreams? I realized that if I didn’t love my career, I would never be genuinely happy. To balance practicality and art, I attended beauty school in New York, while I majored in business at college.

I like to explore different avenues of art. For the last decade, I’ve been working hard to build my photography business. I have a passion for it—photography keeps me excited because every day is a new day! The moments we share with others are unique and worth preserving. To capture a sliver of time and highlight the joy of a season makes every photo session exciting. Everyone tells me that my intuition is amazing—I have a natural ability for capturing the emotional import of a moment while creating a beautifully composed picture. That’s because I genuinely care about you and what you want. I love children and have a gift for making them relax. Your satisfaction is my top priority.

I look forward to working with you!

Ashley Shoemaker Owner at Indigo Moments Photography