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By Indigo Moments Photography
Family portrait with Craig family at Hap Magee Ranch Park in Danville

The Heather Craig Family

 A fun, family combination.

We, at Indigo Moments Photography, are honored to have had a photoshoot with the Craig Family.  Heather, Head of Retail for thredUp, is proud of her daughters, Anabelle, 11, and Charlotte, 7.

Craig family photos at hap magee ranch park

To ensure a great meal out, Heather and her daughters enjoy their favorite restaurant, The Melting Pot. They admittedly only “really go for the dessert.”

Craig family photos at hap magee ranch park

As movie buffs, Heather admits that “We all love Pitch Perfect,” the movie. She and the girls cannot wait for part two. They are all set with popcorn and a passionate energy.

Craig family photos at hap magee ranch park

Anabelle enjoys the thrill of competition cheerleading. With this particular sport comes learning many new dance/cheer routines. Along with her routines, Anabelle learns how to get along well with others, and follow a choreographer/cheer coach. She must be disciplined, focused, and accurate.

Craig family photos at hap magee ranch park swing

On the soccer field and on the basketball court comes dedicated, Charlotte. Her discipline and focus are basically the same as Anabelle’s. Her moves, accuracy and camaraderie help ensure a win. She must also learn the art of getting along well with peers and “the other teams.”

Craig family photos at hap magee ranch park

Vacations will find the Craig family anywhere that is near a beach or pool. Any place with water and sun is a passion they all share. The first thing they each pack is their swim suit.

Being an avid swimmer, Anabelle verifies her love for water. Again, that subject is top of mind for Anabelle; where Charlotte has a strong fondness for furry creatures –  bunnies to be exact.

Family portrait at halfmoon bay beach

We would be delighted to speak with you about a photoshoot. Indigo is not limited to family sessions, as we pride ourselves on being a diverse photography studio. We love people of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. Personally, more than anything, we want to know you, and hear your story.

Craig family photos at hap magee ranch park
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