The Cons of Using Stock Photos

By Indigo Moments Photography
The Cons of Using Stock Photos Indigo Moments Photography


At Indigo Moments Photography, we know that running a business in today’s technologically advanced world can be hard. From social media and web presences to consistent marketing across multiple channels, it can be very difficult to tell the story of your business. That’s why so many Sacramento area professionals have trusted us with their professional head shots. But what about images used in your business and branding other than those head shots? Many companies are tempted to use stock photos from around the internet. But we feel strongly that your business photography should reflect you and your brand. Here are four reasons why not to use stock photography in your business.

1: Stock Photography is Not Exclusive

When you find a stock photo on the internet and use it as your own, you run the risk of having that picture used on someone else’s website. Or, what’s worse, your potential customers might see the same exact photo on a competitor’s website. Having business photography that is unique to your brand will delight your customers with a new, fresh look. Whether on your website, in an email, or in other marketing materials, having your own thoughtful and personally created images will go a long way in establishing your brand identity and cementing that image in your potential customers’ minds.

2: Stock photography is Not Tailored to your Brand

When you’re using stock photography, you’re settling for someone else’s vision. Those images came from someone else’s ideas. If a photographer doesn’t know or work with you with your business in mind it’s not going to benefit you. In our Indigo Moments Visual Branding sessions, we get to know your business, your culture and your brand. And when we’re finished, you’ll have quality content made especially for you that will last you for months!

3: Stock Photos are Predictable and Cliché

Let’s face it: there’s an immediate and visible difference between a stock photo and a picture that is thoughtfully taken based on the culture of your company. You’ve worked hard to make sure that your marketing supports and communicates your brand identity. Why use an image you found on Google? Working with us to build a custom list of everything you want to communicate through your brand photography will give you unique, memorable photography that will set you apart in your customers’ minds!

4: Stock Photography is a Poor Substitute for Visual Branding

Don’t settle for photography that’s just “good enough.” By moving away from generic images, your potential clients will connect with you faster because your website and marketing materials are authentic to you, your business and your brand. That authenticity in marketing is refreshing in a sea of images that all look the same. Make sure your business photography reflects the business you have worked so hard to build.

The Cons of Using Stock Photos Indigo Moments Photography

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