Tips for Posting on Facebook & Instagram

By Indigo Moments Photography

Tips For Posting on FB & IG

  • Limit how often you share links.

Research has shown that posts without links perform better and get more engagement.

  • Choose the right Hashtags.

Post 3-5 hashtags on Instagram, don’t overkill.

  • Tag relevant and industry-related profiles.

You will get more views and shares.

“Instagram has a more engaged audience than any other social media platform. It’s eliminated the frills and features and works because it solely shares strong visuals via photos and video. The platform also has less competition when compared to other social media giants, which makes now a great time to dive in and deliver your content,” Jakubovic notes.

Creativity wins.

“Only the best QUALITY images and videos will do,” warns Jakubovic.

Post 1-2 video promo videos per week and post other things like photos or quotes in between. Nobody wants to see ads too often.

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