Why I Became a Photographer

By Indigo Moments Photography


It all started in high school, when I found something that was actually exciting. No, not math. Photography! Then I moved on to college, and after changing my major at least three times, I decided that a business major would be the most practical.

Shortly after that, I noticed that my first iPhone had run out of memory very quickly. I was confused because I had bought the one that had the most storage. I went to Verizon and asked why, and the rep said, “That’s because you have 8,000 photos on your phone. That’s not normal.” I laughed, and then I thought, “Wow, maybe I’m destined to become a photographer.” So, I went to Best Buy and bought the cheapest digital Nikon I could find. I had all of these grand ideas, and I had butterflies in my stomach because I was so excited. This was five years ago, and I still get that feeling of finding my first love.

When I first started my journey as a photographer, a close friend said, “You do realize people go to school for years to learn photography, don’t you?” And I thought to myself, “Well, maybe, but I don’t have time for that!” A big thanks to coffee, YouTube, and online Kelby training for getting me this far.

Like any business big or small, it takes a team and dedication. In just this last year, Indigo Moments Photography has had 14 publications, 45 new clients, and a 300% increase in sales. And it’s still just as exciting for me. Follow us on Facebook for dates on our grand opening at our upcoming new studio.

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